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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time—Part 2

Within every single one of us, there is an energy system that is uniquely powered. Our energy is split across four key areas: mind, emotions, spirit, and body. When we focus on increasing the different energy levels, we create an inner energy store that helps us thrive instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed. In the final installment of this two-part series, we will explore energy sources and how to maintain them.


Every person’s body is unique, but each of us is dependent upon physical energy. This form of energy helps us feel rested when we wake up—or gives us a little boost after a healthy and nutritious meal. Your physical stamina is directly linked to what you do for your body.[1]

Tips for Increasing Physical Energy:

  • Get enough sleep at night. Sounds easy, but many of us will sacrifice sleep to work more hours which is counter-productive in the long term.

  • Embrace regular exercise to give your overall health a boost and also help you manage your stress levels.

  • Take intermittent breaks throughout the day for renewal.[1] A 10-minute break every 90 minutes will allow you to disengage from work and come back more focused.

  • Eat nutrient-rich meals and drink plenty of water.


Our emotions hold a strong level of influence over how we feel. Have you ever noticed that when you feel anxious or sad, you also feel tired? That’s because your body is actively using energy to balance your emotions so you can keep moving. While this can be helpful, it isn’t a good thing. You can increase your energy by ensuring that your emotions are stable and uplifting as often as possible.

Tips for Increasing Emotional Energy:

  • Do not overbook yourself. If you have something scheduled for every waking moment of your day, you’ll need to free up some time in your schedule.[2]

  • Spend time with friends, family, and loved ones. While you might feel you don’t have time, having moments where you can laugh and being in a different environment will renew you.

  • Embrace a passion that you love. Find a hobby and don’t let anything interfere with it (work or personal life). I’ve always loved to dance, and now I take private ballroom dancing twice a week and look forward to that time where I can be alone doing something I enjoy.

  • Allow yourself to process stress, sorrow, frustration, and anger. Don’t bottle it up. Find someone you can trust so you can release all those emotions.


The human mind is amazing, but many of us tend to push it a little too hard in ineffective ways. In the end, we end up overstimulated and guilty of undermining our productivity. A clear and healthy mind can process more information more effectively.

Tips for Increasing Mental Energy:

  • Focus on one task at a time. Multitasking is a myth and decreases your ability to focus.

  • Delegate when needed.

  • Work in a quiet environment.

  • Get plenty of quality sleep.

  • Offer your mind stimulation from valued sources (Ted Talks, documentaries, books, etc.) to encourage personal and professional growth.

Breathing Room—Life can’t Always be a Sprint

The most business-savvy among us are all too guilty of overdoing it, which only ever leads to burnout. To break the burnout cycle, you must be patient with yourself. Remember that everyone needs rest, and one person can’t do everything all the time. You need breathing room in your day to ensure that your energy can flourish.

Tips for Creating Breathing Room:

  • Leave time open in your day for rest and unexpected tasks.

  • Wake up early, so you have more time to accomplish what needs to be done.

  • Make sure you schedule a lunch break, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or someone who works from home.

  • Tell people when you are unavailable—and be firm about it! Don’t let people crowd your calendar with meeting after meeting. Take control of your schedule.


Your energy levels will rise and fall—and that is normal. Regardless, when you learn how to boost your energy levels, you will find that this becomes less common. When you support your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, you will be able to take on anything that life throws your way. Sometimes, the best way to use your time is to invest it in yourself.

Want to know if you are in an Energy Crisis? The following link contains a tremendous amount of information on managing your energy. It includes a fantastic energy crisis assessment to help you identify if you have excellent management skills or are in a full-fledged energy crisis.[1] Invest in yourself and take the assessment today!

Dr. Cristina Rosario DiPietropolo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Leader Essentials Group, an executive consulting firm focused on strategy execution and leadership development. Extensive experience across multiple industries and highly skilled in the areas of strategic planning, organizational behavior, human resource management, change management, leadership, and digital marketing. Over ten years of teaching experience as a Visiting Professor of Management, with a special focus on leadership in entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and international management.


1 Schwartz, T., & McCarthy, C. (2007). Manage your energy, not your time. Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time. 2 Sauders, E. G. (2021). 4 Ways to Manage Your Energy More Effectively. Harvard Business Review.

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